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You’ve been told it’s chronic. We thought so too. Now we know it doesn’t have to be. It’s all about using evidence-based remedies, a personalized recovery plan and taking that first brave step

Through years of research, we’ve found a way to help those who have fallen through the cracks, and it’s entirely natural. No side effects, no interruption to your current treatment.

Here’s how it works.

When you’re experiencing a flare-up, the most important thing is to bring you back into remission as soon as possible.

Think of your body as a house, and the house is on fire. You wouldn’t start repairs straight away. First, we have to extinguish the flames by inducing remission. Then we can clear out the debris and start recovery. After recovery, we can fortify and protect the house from future hazards so that next time, a small flame doesn’t scorch the entire property.

Our latest research shows that using clinically tested natural compounds like curcumin & qing dai (QD) can induce remission quickly, so you can recover as soon as possible and maintain long-term remission.

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This full system integrative program targets numerous underlying mechanisms involved in Crohn’s Disease with an aim to prevent future flares and get you into long-term, sustainable remission.

All you need to do is take the first brave step. We know it’s hard. As doctors, we were skeptical, too. We’ve all been told Crohn’s is for life. But over the years, we’ve developed an integrative strategy that has helped many of our own patients achieve and maintain long-term remission – and now we want to help you too!

Ready to take the leap?

All you have to do is take our online assessment, and we’ll be here to guide you through the entire journey.

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Our Story

We’re a collective of gastro doctors & clinicians who want to change the way Crohn’s patients are treated. We’ve witnessed too many of our patients suffer years of treatment only to see minimal or inadequate results.

We knew there had to be a better way, we just had to find it.

We wound up in the far east, where we conferred with herbalists in China, Hong Kong & India. From the thousands of herbs used traditionally, two stood out: curcumin and qing-dai (QD), both used for inflammatory and digestive conditions.

These herbs needed to be optimized for our patients, so we brought them back to our lab, and after months of development, we began integrating them into our clinics.

The change was immediate. Hundreds of our patients entered remission in record time, and have maintained remission to this day.

We had a duty to share this information with the world, so we designed a clinical trial. We raised the funding ourselves, with the help of our own patients—our greatest champions. We collaborated with colleagues from around the world who shared our vision. And together, we launched a multi-center, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial to officially confirm what we were seeing in our clinics.

The results of the trial were more successful than even we could believe. Our team helped more patients achieve remission (and in some cases, complete mucosal healing) in less than 8 weeks. The results from the trial garnered two awards for clinical merit and innovation at international gastro conferences and publication in the peer-reviewed Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology.

In 2021, we founded Evinature with the aim to make these compounds accessible to people around the world, while providing free expert healthcare and strategic support to ensure no patient falls through the cracks again.

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Our Team

Nir Salomon (C.Ac, C.Hb)

Founder & Director of the Integrative Gastroenterology unit at Sheba Medical Center & co-founder and acting CEO of the Sino-Israeli Research Foundation (SIRF).

Prof. Shomron Ben-Horin M.D.

Chief, Gastroenterology Department & Director, the Gastro-Immunology Research Laboratory Department of Gastroenterology Sheba Medical Center, Tel-Hashomer

In our medical advisory board

William D. Chey MD

Professor of Medicine and Director of the GI Physiology Laboratory. Named one of the 75 Best Gastroenterologists in America by Becker’s ASC in 2010.

Rotem Sigall Boneh, RD

Clinical Dietitian & Researcher at Wolfson Medical Center & founder of the Dietitian Committee of ECCO

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It doesn’t have to be chronic

The latest research shows that combining herbal compounds like curcumin and qing-dai (QD) with standard medication can quickly induce remission in patients, including those who were non-responsive to drug therapies.

A systematic review published in the Journal of Complementary Therapies in Medicine found that curcumin reduced inflammatory markers and disease activity in patients with Crohn’s disease. They also indicated curcumin reduces the level of an inflammatory molecule called IL-1, which is believed to be involved- at least partly – in loss of response to biological agents. The researchers, coming from Grand Valley University in Michigan, suggested that adding curcumin may prove to be beneficial, and concluded that “Curcumin, even by itself, was found to be a cheap and safe way to reduce Crohn’s disease symptoms and inflammatory markers.”

You don’t have to just take our word for it. Here’s what our own patients have to say after they took that brave first step and started their journey with us.

We’ve spent years with our patients, been with them through the highs and lows, and watched many of them grow up into healthy adults with full lives. It’s thanks to their courage and partnership that we could develop our integrative strategy, launch our clinical trials and share our findings with the world.

These are their stories:

Suzi (CD patient)

I am completely blown away by my results! Evinature helped improved my quality of life. I am forever grateful and astonished at my results!

Sonya (UC patient)

A month in, I felt better. At two months, my blood tests were great, and at six months, I entered clinical and endoscopic remission. Now I rely solely on herbal treatment.

Almog (CD patient)

I was completely shocked that a plant had much stronger effects than very high dosages of steroids and very powerful medications. I started feeling much better!

Bosmat (CD patient)

The treatment exceeded all my expectations. I went back to living fully. And all this without any conventional medicine. Today, a year later, I’m still in remission.

Shahar (CD patient)

It helped within 48 hours to subdue my flare up. Took about 2 more weeks to have complete remission. Treated with this for the last 7 years with great success.

Yael (UC patient)

On Sunday I started your natural treatment. On Monday morning, the bleeding stopped and everything looked normal. It acted like “magic”. Thank you!

Tomer (CD patient)

It allowed me to return to my normal activities. I gained weight, was more productive with my job, no longer depressed because my symptoms were down. I really recommend it, it’s really helpful.

Tamar (UC patient)

The change started from the first week. I recommend anyone with colitis to try it. I returned to function normally, and returned to the mother my children had known.

Tal (UC patient)

It was like magic. After two weeks I was in the best condition I’d been in for 16 years. After 3 weeks I climbed the alps. I couldn’t believe it. After 6 months, I achieved full remission.

Bat-El (UC patient)

After a few days there was a significant improvement, and I was able to achieve remission. The inflammation was much lower and I returned to normal life.

Hadar (UC patient)

After a month and a week I started to feel a very significant change! In the tests I did, the indices came out almost completely normal! It’s a real miracle!

Leah (UC patient)

A few days afterwards I actually felt better. In the six years since being diagnosed, the herbal remedies allowed me to function again, whereas I couldn’t really function before.

Noa (UC patient)

My debilitating symptoms are gone. The remission has been amazing: no flare-ups, no bleeding, no aches. I take no other medication but the herbs and my life is in no way limited.

Inon (UC patient)

This treatment saved me. I was about to start biologics when a friend told me about Evinature and their Cur-QD. It changed my life. I’m in remission and without any meds.

Ready to take the leap?

All you have to do is take our online assessment, and we’ll guide you through the entire journey

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Gut Directed

Unlike any other form of curcumin on the market, our proprietary formula is gut-directed, meaning it’s designed to act only in the intestinal mucosa – where inflammation most active. Gut-directed curcumin ensures high concentration where it’s most needed: in the gut.

Our Knowledge

We’ve spent 20 years working closely with Crohn’s patients in clinics, hospitals & clinical studies. Our accumulated knowledge of IBD enabled us to develop integrative strategies that have helped countless patients regain long-lasting health. It’s now our mission to share this knowledge with the world and help more people reclaim their life, their bodies and their freedom

PRO Assessment

We want each patient to receive the best possible care for their individual needs. Our Assessment was designed by leading clinical & integrative experts to help pinpoint the most suitable compounds, dosage & recovery plans for each individual. Your participation also contributes invaluable knowledge to our research, allowing us to help more patients and give back to the community.

Tailored Plan

Your body is unique. Your treatment should be too. We fine-tune recovery strategies for each individual, deliver treatments to your door, then offer free follow-ups to ensure you’re getting the best results possible. Your recovery plan includes natural compounds, dosage guides, and a diet & lifestyle strategy tailored to your specific needs.